Vocal Coaching

Colin conductingColin's experience in musical theatre and his love of working with singers enables him to offer vocal coaching sessions to students and established professional performers at all levels.  He passionately believes that a good singing technique is the absolute necessary grounding for every performer and that the voice must be safely and solidly rooted within your core.  Using techniques borrowed from the "bel canto" school, but with a very definite musical theatre twist he has developed a reputation for aiding confidence with singers and non-singers alike and is able to help you find your voice.

For the more experienced he has a wide knowledge of the musical theatre repertoire, so is well placed to advise on audition and performance material, and can work with you as a repetiteur, not just looking at the piece from a vocal technique point of view, but also from the perspectives of more general musicianship and with a great regard to "acting through song".

Colin's coaching sessions fit around his other work, but he is very often available in London to teach at various central locations, and sessions cost £40 per hour, or £30 per hour if you’re a current student.  If you're looking for some help, either as one off "audition prep" or for something more long term then please use the vocal coaching link on this website to get in touch and check availability.  You can also join Colin’s vocal coaching group on Facebook.

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Backing & Click Tracks

pictureWhether it's a one off backing track for a single song, or a whole set of "clicks" for a complete production, Colin can programme, record & produce tracks to suit all styles and requirements.

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Music Preparation

pictureColin is a skilled and accurate copyist and produces high quality and extremely legible parts, scores and other sheet music for all kinds of applications.

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