Conducting & Musical Direction

Colin has worked widely and prolifically as a conductor, musical director, associate and supervisor on a variety of projects across the UK.  He is equally experienced and adept at conducting or directing from the keyboard in a wide range of musical styles.

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Arranging & Orchestrating

Colin is an experienced and talented arranger & orchestrator.   He is particularly skilled in creative and atmospheric vocal arranging and full and dynamic sounding orchestral reductions, mostly of musicals and opera.

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Piano & Keyboard

PianoColin highly regarded for his expressive, passionate and precise playing and his sight reading is of a very high standard.  As a result if you're looking for a pianist or keyboard player then you've come to the right place - "emergencies a speciality"....  

He particularly enjoys working with and accompanying singers.  If you're looking to organise a recital, cabaret, revue or other sort of "gig" and want a top notch professional pianist who will really work with you then please contact Colin.

Musicians & Contracting

If you're looking for musicians for a project, show or event then you've come to the right place.  Colin has some of the very best contacts in the business and can provide musicians and singers of all types for shows, concerts, functions, weddings and pretty much any other event you can think of!!

He is particularly used to "fixing" and contracting/managing musicians for musical theatre shows and concerts.  With a good knowledge of both the players and the industry he is well placed to help you with your musical requirements.

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Backing Tracks

Whether it's a one off backing track for a single song, or a whole set of "clicks" for a complete production, Colin can programme, record & produce tracks to suit all styles and requirements.

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Musical Preparation

Colin is a skilled and accurate copyist and produces high quality and extremely legible parts, scores and other sheet music for all kinds of applications.

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Vocal Coaching

Colin's experience in musical theatre and his love of working with singers enables him to offer vocal coaching sessions to students and established professional performers at all levels.

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