Backing Tracks

TracksWhether it's a one off backing track for a single song, or a whole set of "clicks" for a complete production, then Colin has the experience and expertise to provide exactly what you require.

He can programme, record & produce tracks to suit all styles and requirements, either using the highest quality computer based instrumental samples or by recording live musicians and singers and then editing and mastering the tracks for final use.  He can also provide advice and the equipment required to make the tracks useable in a show context and to enable live musicians to play along to the pre-recorded sound.

Colin also offers a service primarily aimed at musical theatre actors and drama students to record high quality piano parts for their audition and portfolio songs.  This proves very cost effective and provides a much better quality of recording than can usually be achieved using a "dictaphone" in a singing lesson.   The recordings are entirely digital and the cost is a simple hourly rate. 

If you're able to email music to Colin then he is usually able to email back your tracks within 24 hours.

You can hear some examples of Colin's work in the "sounds & scores" section of this website.


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Vocal Coaching

pictureColin's experience in musical theatre and his love of working with singers enables him to offer vocal coaching sessions to students and established professional performers at all levels.

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Music Preparation

pictureColin is a skilled and accurate copyist and produces high quality and extremely legible parts, scores and other sheet music for all kinds of applications.

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